Why Should You Find a Dentist Who Uses 3D Imaging?

Apr 01, 2023

Over the past few decades, medical technology has improved incredibly. The technology helps the treatments and care patients receive globally. However, dentistry is still catching up, and one of the most beneficial technologies currently available to dentists is 3D dental imaging.

Traditional X-Rays Vs. 3D Imaging

For years dentists relied on traditional x-rays for the information needed for diagnostics and treatment. Unfortunately, while conventional x-rays help identify some dental conditions, some aspects of dentistry remain undetected.

Currently, 3D imaging is a unique version of x-ray equipment that helps the dentist in Globe produce 3D images of your teeth and mouth. These images display information about your tooth structure but also enable the dentist to see details affecting the soft tissues, bone health, nerve pathways, and a lot more. As a result, accuracy in treatment planning helps minimize invasive treatments to optimize long-term dental health.

Besides providing enhanced diagnostics, 3D imaging also exposes patients to minimized radiation when producing high-quality images. The 3D imaging dentist can view the captured images on a computer screen with access to zooming them and adjusting as required. The format appears more convenient than conventional X-rays, and the ability to manipulate the scans improves accuracy and diagnosis.

Familiar Use of 3D Imaging

When does the dentist suggest 3D imaging? The following are some examples of when 3D imaging proves helpful for your dental care.

  • 3D imaging helps view impacted teeth when planning a surgical procedure.
  • It is also helpful to plan orthodontics treatment.
  • 3D imaging for dental implants offers accuracy in the placement.
  • The imaging also helps with diagnostics for TMJ disorders.
  • Detection of tumors and cancerous growths is easier with 3D imaging.
  • Jaw position evaluation, nerve canals, sinuses, and nasal cavities are better detected by 3D imaging.
  • Identifying early signs of dental issues and getting tooth orientation and bone structure information entirely is possible with 3D imaging.

Expectations during 3D Imaging

You don’t have reasons to express concerns about digital scans. The procedure is painless and improves your experience at the office of the globe dentist. Before visiting the dentist with 3D imaging near you, no preparation is required. However, you can expect the dentist to request you to remove any items that interfere with the imaging, including eyeglasses, jewellery, hearing aids, hairpins, removable orthodontics or dental restorations.

The equipment is not bulky and is a square-shaped instrument with a rotating device moving around your head. The tool does an entire 360-degree rotation capturing multiple images at different angles. The images are reconstructed with the final product in a 3D image. You can expect to sit still for 30 to 40 seconds until the image rotation is completed.

The globe dentist works to stay updated with the latest advances in dentistry. The office is equipped with state-of-the-art tools in the industry to give you access to high-quality services for your entire family. If you have questions about 3D imaging, the dentist near you and their staff will answer them to ensure you are comfortable with the latest technology. Therefore if you have a dentist like the one in the globe with 3D imaging technology near you, visiting them for yourself or other family members proves beneficial because you receive an accurate diagnosis of the problem you confront and the best treatment for the issue to help you improve your dental health.

3D imaging doesn’t indicate that conventional dental X-rays are outdated and are no longer helpful. Unfortunately, despite the many advances in dentistry, countless dentists have yet to invest in the latest technology. Therefore you may still notice dentists using conventional technology instead of the latest 3D imaging. However, if you have a provider near you with the latest in dentistry, why not visit them to benefit from imaging with minimal radiation offering better diagnostics and precision treatments to help your dental health?

As time passes, more dentists will likely adopt the 3D imaging technology for the benefits it offers them and their patients by providing comprehensive images of the teeth and mouth to detect multiple issues. In addition, the photos are comfortably stored in a computer instead of needing physical films and storage space, making it challenging for dentists and patients to maintain for comparison. Therefore if you need any dental procedure that you think might require invasive treatments, it helps if you find a 3D imaging dentist nearby to receive accurate diagnosis and treatment after capturing comprehensive pictures of your oral cavity.

If you need a 3D imaging dental care provider near you, Copper Vista Dental Care is equipped with the technology to provide dental care without conventional X-rays. Kindly consult them to receive the necessary treatment without concerns about radiation or invasive therapies.

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