What Are the Procedures Performed by an Endodontist?

Jun 17, 2020

Dentistry is divided into different fields and one of them is endodontic therapy. Professionals graduating by specializing in endodontics concentrate on maintaining teeth through endodontic treatment procedures. The treatment concentrates on the inner tissues of the teeth which include the pulp, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. All dentists receive training in diagnosing endodontic problems but some teeth are difficult for diagnosing and treating. In such cases, patients are referred to an endodontist for specialized treatment.

Endodontists undergo additional training for two years after graduating from dental school. They study the techniques of root canal procedures in-depth for diagnosing and treating the most difficult cases. They are board-certified by the American Board of endodontics which is an elective process the professional may complete after dental school.

Treatments Offered by Endodontists

Root Canal treatment is perhaps the most popular name one can think about when endodontists are being discussed. This is a common procedure that is performed to preserve a tooth from extraction. An endodontist is the best professional to understand the root canal procedure because he or she is a trained specialist to treat this problem. A referral to an endodontist shouldn’t scare any patient into believing they will be subjected to a painful and invasive treatment.

Endodontic treatment only becomes necessary when the pulp within the tooth becomes infected or inflamed because of trauma or decay. A dentist can also perform root canal treatments but usually prefers to seek help from an endodontist to determine the extent of the decay or infection and provide the patient proper treatment that will help to save the tooth. It is for this reason that endodontists are perhaps the most feared within the dental fraternity as they are associated with a treatment that is considered extremely painful.

Besides root canal treatment endodontists can also perform an apicoectomy which becomes necessary when the root canal treatment is unsuccessful. Patients must understand that any surgical procedure can fail for numerous reasons and one among them is root canal treatment. However, remedies have been discovered by endodontists even for this failure which can be corrected by a minor procedure. Therefore it can be confirmed that endodontists are the professionals that should be contacted when patients begin experiencing prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, tenderness deep within the bone, discoloration of the tooth accompanied by swelling, and spontaneous pain that is throbbing.

It is recommended that patients consider having themselves treated by a specialist rather than opt for the general dentist near them when they are affected by a problem within the tooth rather than the exterior portion of their teeth. Endodontists are the only professionals that have received training not just to treat any dental issues but more importantly to perform procedures within the tooth. Endodontic procedures may sound painful to create plenty of fear in the minds of patients who in most cases would only have dealt with routine cleanings or fillings performed by their regular dentist. When suggested the need to undergo endodontic therapy patients in every likelihood will be stressed and anxious wondering how they can sustain the invasive procedure.

Endodontists Receive Training in Anesthesia As Well

All dentists receive training to administer anesthesia which is generally required for procedures like dental fillings, veneers, and crowns. These procedures are minor and only require the dentist who administers local anesthesia during the procedure. However, root canal treatments cannot be considered as minor although many patients go through the treatment only with local anesthesia. The training received by endodontists also makes them capable to administer sedation and general anesthesia if anxious patients prefer to remain unconscious during the treatment. Therefore these professionals have ensured that patients feel little or no pain even when performing invasive procedures like root canal treatment or an apicoectomy.

What Other Dental Treatments Are Provided by Endodontists?

Endodontists are also dentists and can provide any treatment needed by the patient including dental cleanings, teeth whitening, fillings, treating traumatic dental injuries, dental implants, and other procedures. Endodontists are specialists in preserving teeth because they have received the training needed for performing root canal treatments and other procedures needed to serve the tooth. However, all treatment options to determine the best solution suitable for every individual or case.

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