Clear Aligners (Copper Vista Dental Care)

No one wants to have braces, but if you have alignment issues with your teeth, it’s important to correct them as soon as possible, or they could lead to more severe dental health issues. If the thought of braces doesn’t sound appealing, then perhaps you need to look for clear aligners near me. Your local dentist in Globe, AZ, offers clear aligners treatment to help with corrective dentistry using invisible clear aligners rather than standard braces.

This is the perfect way to get the alignment correction you need without the pain, discomfort, and terrible look of traditional braces.

Why Choose Clear Braces?

Most people look for clear aligners near me because they don’t like how normal braces look. The metal wires and brackets aren’t aesthetically pleasing. However, there are many reasons why you should ask your dentist in Globe, AZ, about clear aligners treatment.

First, invisible aligners look better. This is something that most patients want, something that will correct their teeth that isn’t easy to see so that no one will realize they are wearing it.

Another reason most patients want invisible aligners is that they are more comfortable because they are custom fitted to the patient’s mouth. While some discomfort is expected with invisible clear aligners, it is much less than with traditional braces, making aligners easier for patients, especially younger ones, to wear.

Clear aligners are also able to be taken out on occasion. Patients must wear the aligners for 22 hours a day, but this gives a two-hour gap where they can be removed while eating, brushing, or flossing to make wearing them a bit more tolerable throughout the day. Clear aligners are a better option than braces, which cannot be removed, and even getting them adjusted requires a trip to the dentist.

Lastly, the time it takes for a set of clear aligners to work is roughly half the time of traditional braces in most cases, making them the preferred method for patients who meet eligibility requirements.

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