How to Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Feb 01, 2023

Loss of sleep is common after wisdom tooth removal. It’s due to surgical pain. Since sleep is the main factor in recovery, it is essential for the patients to follow aftercare tips. They will help you sleep peacefully after getting the procedure. Read below how to sleep correctly after wisdom tooth extraction.

How Should I Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

After getting the wisdom tooth removed, be aware of how you sleep. It’s because if you are not careful, it can delay the healing process.

So, consider the following useful tips after the extraction surgery:

Keep Your Head Elevated

Always sleep with your head elevated for the first few nights after the wisdom tooth extraction surgery. If you struggle to put yourself in that position, get support from a few pillows. Keeping your head elevated at a 45-deg angle while sleeping ensures faster recovery. It also minimizes swelling in the surgical area.

Get Rid of Gauze from Mouth

Before sleeping, get rid of the gauze in your mouth. The dental professional will tell you when is the right time to remove it after surgery.

Take the Required Pain Medicines

After the anesthesia fades away, you may still feel pain and discomfort, creating troubled sleeping. The dental professional at Copper Vista Dental Care recommends certain pain medicines to manage pain. But avoid taking a dose more than the recommended. If you are still in pain after wisdom teeth removal, get in touch with the dentist in Globe, AZ.

Choose the Appropriate Position

After the surgery, the extraction area may ooze. It’s mainly during the starting healing stages. Therefore, pick the right position while sleeping. Generally, the dentist recommends sleeping on the side rather than lying flat on the back.

Doing this will minimize pain and allow a peaceful sleep at night. If you have gauze pads in the mouth, ask someone to sleep with you at night. It will decrease the risk of choking on the gauze.

Refrain from Tobacco and Alcohol Use

You might be wondering how tobacco and alcohol can affect a good night’s sleep after surgery. Well, whisky can help people overcome other pains in life. But also alcohol and tobacco can delay the healing process. Therefore, make sure you say no to them till the wound heals completely.

Do Not Sleep on Slippery Surfaces

Napping on slippery surfaces is a big no after wisdom tooth extraction near you. For example, sleeping on a leather couch while watching TV or using a phone can make your body fall downwards. You might end up hurting yourself. Therefore, always sleep on a standard bed.

Get in Touch with the Dentist if You Experience Serious Signs

The less sleep means the more painful the healing process. So if you have uncontrollable bleeding, swelling, or pain, call the dental professional without delay. These signs could indicate an infection in the mouth and may require immediate medical attention.

Stick to Other Aftercare Instructions

It is also pivotal to follow other instructions after wisdom tooth removal. These include:

  • Staying properly hydrated and well-fed will ensure a seamless recovery.
  • The dentist typically advises preferring soft foods for 24 hours after the surgery. These options include mashed potatoes, yogurt, apple sauce, etc.
  • Avoid spitting, washing, or brushing your mouth within the first 24 hours after the surgery. After one day, you can continue brushing your teeth without touching the extracted area. But make sure you gently wash your mouth with warm salt water. It will help you make the extracted area clean and prevent infection.
  • While consuming drinks, avoid a straw for a minimum of one week. Doing this could disturb the blood clot and create a dry socket.
  • If you find it difficult to fall asleep, set the room temperature between 60 to 67 degrees. Also, switch off every light in your room.
  • Keeping the phone face down can also help to ensure the ideal atmosphere to fall asleep.
  • If you feel pain and swelling on the extraction site, use ice packs on the cheeks.
  • Fix a schedule for taking rest after wisdom teeth removal. It means taking a few days off from work and sleeping whenever you get a chance.

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