How Can 3D Dental Imaging Improve My Oral Health?

Aug 01, 2021

The growth in the world of technology is extending its tentacles to different industries and the dental industry is not left out. The dental industry has seen the introduction of 3D dental technology that allows for 3D dental imaging.

What is 3D Dental Imaging?

While this technology has been accepted in different places, some people are not aware of it. 3D dental imaging allows a dentist to have a more comprehensive view of dental images and understand the condition of a person’s tooth or teeth better. The superiority that 3D imaging has over the X-ray is why you will get 3D imaging in Globe, AZ when you go for a 3D scan near you. This technology allows the dentist to see your teeth and mouth in three dimensions. This feat was impossible with the use of X-rays or CT scan technology. When the dentist has a more comprehensive view of your teeth, mouth, and even skull, the dentist can easily diagnose whatever is wrong with you and provide a better solution for you.

Importance of 3D Imaging

The picture that comes to the mind of everyone when the office of a dentist is mentioned will contain bright lights, toothbrushes, drills, tubes of toothpaste, and so on. This is because people are yet to be aware of what is going to be a pivotal tool in the dental industry, the 3D imaging technology. This technology can be found in the offices of some dentists and is sure to gain more acceptance, maybe slowly but certainly. This technology has made a great contribution to dental care and has allowed dentists to provide better treatment for their patients.

The fundamental function of 3D dentistry is to create a digital image of the mouth and skull for dentists to have a proper examination. This technology has replaced the use of x-rays which gives a two-dimensional image of the mouth. Other alternatives that can be used to create an image of the mouth and skull also produced two-dimensional pictures and worse still, exposing the patients to more radiation. Patients also complained about being uncomfortable using these other methods.

Advantages of 3D Dentistry

3D dentistry has provided a unique way to tackle challenges in the dental industry. Instead of having to collate 2D images in their heads, dentists can now have a 3D view of patients’ skull and mouth. It does not end there, there are other advantages of 3D dental imaging. Some of these advantages include;

  • Reduced Radiation Exposure: The new 3D technology reduced the radiation that a patient is exposed to during a scan. If you go for a 3D scan near you, the scanner will focus on the part of the body that is being scanned rather than the whole body.
  • Shorter Scan Time: The 3d scanner takes lesser time to scan a person compared to being scanned by an X-ray machine. It completely generates scan images after a single cycle. This will ensure that an accurate image is produced and also cut down on the time that a patient is exposed to radiation.
  • Accuracy and Detail: 3D imaging in Globe, AZ can be used to produce very accurate images and can help the dentist to locate the exact where a problem exists. It also produces more details allowing the dentist to see more details. This extra detail that the dentist can now see will allow the dentist to provide better treatment.
  • User Friendly: The 3D technology is not hard to use. You can easily learn how to use it the first time you come across it as a dentist and it makes work easier.
  • Interactive Display: The display that the 3D technology provides beats other traditional scanning technology on all fronts. A dentist can zoom in and zoom out on images.
  • Lower cost: One will think that such technology with so much benefit will be very expensive, however, the fact that it has many features means you have to spend less money to get what you want.

3D dentistry is the future of imaging in dentistry. It makes the process faster and more effective. Dentists can get better images and patients can get better treatment. It is indeed a win-win for everyone in the industry including the manufacturers of the technology because they also make profits.

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