How 3D Imaging is making a Difference in Dental Implant Surgery

Sep 01, 2019

Numbing injections and intrusive procedures involved to get dental implants have made the procedure a dreadful experience for a lot of people. The fear of such procedures makes a lot of us hesitant of getting a dental implant procedure done. However, those days are gone now. With the advent of the new state of the art technologies in the dental world, these procedures are a lot less intrusive now.

The procedures involved in dental implant surgery have become a lot easier due to 3D Imaging dentistry. This new technology not only helps make the procedure accurate but also reduces the time spent at the dentist’s office for you. 3D imaging dentistry is now on the rise and several dentists at Copper Vista Dental Care are using it to make dental implants easier.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants refer to the surgical fixation of metal posts/ frames into the jawbone for replacement teeth. These fixtures are done in order to help the dentist mount replacement teeth into your mouth. These are basically required to provide stability as well as support to the new artificial teeth placed in your mouth. These also help keep dentures fixed to the mouth and make it feel more natural.

What is 3D Imaging dentistry?

Traditionally, X-rays were used by the dentists to get a picture of the structure of teeth and jaw before the implant. The modern 3D imaging technique is a less intrusive, more accurate way of getting a picture of the underlying structures of your teeth.

During the imaging session, all you will be required to do is sit comfortably for a few minutes. The dentist might use a cone beam device which will rotate all way around your head and take several pictures of individual areas. The imaging technologies help the dentists understand the individual, delicate anatomy of your mouth.

The benefits of 3D imaging Dentistry

There are several benefits of 3D imaging dentistry in the process of dental implants. Here are a few benefits:

  • Helps diagnosis, treatment, and recovery: 3d Imaging dentistry is known for its all-round advantages. Not only does the comprehensive imaging help diagnosis and understanding of the tooth structure of the patient but also improve the treatment process. Even during the recovery process, using 3D Imaging dentistry helps recognize the key areas where there could be a problem in the future.
  • Prediction of complications: 3D imaging technology allows the dentist to perform the procedure virtually before actually starting the procedure. This helps the professional to recognize and predict the areas where complications could arise and chart a proper plan. It also prepares him for complications that he would not have been prepared for in other cases.
  • Non-invasive: Before 3D imaging dentistry, there was no way to understand how exactly the implants are to be placed. It was, therefore, necessary to make large incisions so the dentist could explore the tooth structure before placing the dental implants. However, 3D imaging allows the professional to take a close and proper look at your mouth, without any such incisions. Therefore the process becomes a lot less invasive.
  • Very little blood loss: since 3D imaging dentistry increases the precision for the dental implant procedure, there are smaller incisions required. The increased accuracy helps avoid the risk of harming the vital parts of your mouth. Since there is very little risk of complications, the entire process is done with a very little blood loss.
  • Better healing: Using 3D imaging dentistry for your dental implants reduces the time required for the recovery process. You will feel very moderate pain after the procedure. This pain will hardly last 2 days. Since there is very little damage done during your dental implants, it makes it a very easy and comfortable healing process in general.
  • Accurate placement of the dental implants: 3D imaging gives a very good insight into the quality of the bone in your mouth. Since there is a good understanding of the bone as well as blood vessels and nerves, it helps in the exact placement of the implant. It also increases the chances of success.

Relying on 2D images and X-rays for dental implants mean that there is an increased likelihood of complications. It also reduces the chances of the success of the dental implant process. Using 3D imaging dentistry not only makes the process simpler but also helps reduce complications. If you are looking for dental health service that uses the 3d image dentistry for the dental implant procedure, Copper Vista Dental Care is the best option available for you.

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