Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy

Aug 01, 2019

Root canal in Globe is a common dental procedure, but most people fear getting it done because of the many myths prevalent about it. Common misconceptions make people believe that root canal procedure is painful, invasive, and complex procedure.

However, they are simple and painless procedures that actually help you in getting rid of the pain. Root canals have this reputation as they are highly misunderstood. Let’s have a look at the contemporary root canal therapy:


It’s an endodontic procedure performed for repairing your damaged or infected tooth. There’s a pulp chamber inside of the tooth located beneath dentin, which is a hard layer inside the tooth. The pulp is made of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, which help in tooth development.

When the pulp is affected by the decay or fracture, it needs to be removed. The infection in the pulp can spread further and affect the surrounding nerves, bones, and even become infected. The only way of treating the pulp is the root canal procedure.


The dentist in Globe, Arizona first examines the tooth with the help of an x-ray. He then numbs the affected tooth and uses a dental drill for creating a hole. This opening allows them to access the pulp chamber. He then removes the infected pulp followed by shaping the walls of the root canals. After using the files, the dentist will use a bleach solution for flushing the debris and killing the bacteria. The last step is to fill the canal and reseal it with a material known as gutta percha.

The tooth becomes weak after the procedure and the dentist places a crown over it for giving it strength and natural appearance.


When your tooth gets infected or damaged, you must get it repaired with a root canal therapy. Failing to do so will increase the infection causing excruciating pain. In the long run, the decay may enter the inside of the tooth and you may experience tooth loss.

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