Benefits of Dental Crowns

Jul 01, 2019

There are many reasons that folks need dental crowns, but the main purpose of a crown is simple – saving your teeth. When you are in a situation where there is decay in the tooth and possible infection of the dental pulp, a crown is needed to reinforce the structure of the tooth. This helps you chew food better and keeps you from experiencing the debilitating dental pain that comes with a compromised tooth.

Why You Might Need a Crown

There are several reasons that folks need crowns. The crown protects a tooth that has problems with its structural integrity. Whether a tooth is chipped, cracked, or has a large cavity, the custom crown does the job of giving the tooth strength so that you can continue to enjoy the food that you love.

Kinds of Crowns

There are several types of crowns, and all of these crowns have different purposes and uses. They also have different costs as well. The good news is your dentist can help you get the right type of crown for your specific needs.


These crowns are used for teeth that are in the front. They are colored to resemble the surrounding teeth, so only a trained eye notices the difference.


The crown that is used most on the teeth is porcelain crowns. These crowns are known to be quite durable, and with the natural appearance, porcelain crowns are quite popular. These crowns, like ceramic crowns, have to be made in a lab usually, so you will be fitted with a temporary crown before getting your permanent solution.

Same Day Crowns

There are some situations where you can get a crown on the same day. There is a lot of technology involved, and that only adds to the convenience. The way this is done is the dentist will take a high-resolution impression of your teeth after prepping the tooth for a crown. Then, the information is sent to a 3D printer, and this printer creates the crown based on the structure of the tooth. There are even some dentists that offer same day porcelain crowns as well.

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