Are Dental Bridges Better Than Dentures?

Apr 01, 2022

When you have a missing tooth, you have the option of choosing dental bridges or dentures. Both help with the same issue, but there are factors to consider before you can decide the best option for your missing tooth or teeth. Dentures are artificial teeth connected to the gums and removed when need be. There are partial dentures or full dentures. A dental bridge comprises a set of porcelain teeth (pontics) that are joined to crowns affixed to the abutment teeth. Let us consider factors to consider that will help you choose between dental bridges and dentures and whether dental bridges are better than dentures.

Missing teeth

If you are missing several teeth in a row, it would be hard for your dentist in globe to use dental bridges to replace your missing teeth. Here full dentures will be the best pick for you. This is because dental bridges are typically used in patients who need one to four teeth to be replaced.

Full dentures can support from 20 teeth to 28 teeth, and this means that dentures can be used by patients who have weak teeth and therefore will offer proper support making chewing better.

For patients who have a missing tooth, a dental bridge will be more suitable than a partial denture as the latter requires three or more missing teeth that are next to each other for the dentures to be steady and support the other natural teeth.


Dentures are typically cheaper than dental bridges. For instance, a low-cost denture would cost you around $300 to $500 per denture, whereas the cost of a bridge with one pontic and two crowns ranges from $2,000 to $5,000.

Strength of Your Natural Teeth

You should consult your dentist to assess the strength of your natural teeth before they can install dentures or dental bridges.

A dental bridge can be a better choice if you have abutment teeth that are strong enough to support the dental bridge. If your remaining teeth are not strong to accommodate a bridge, partial dentures for front teeth are the best option for you.

Pros and Cons of Dental Bridges

One major advantage of dental bridge is that it restores a natural look to your smile. For instance, a dental bridge for front teeth will restore your smile, and even your friends will not remember you had a missing tooth.

Moreover, a dental bridge will maintain your normal facial structure by preventing bone loss from the jaw at the region of the lost tooth.

A dental bridge also restores the ability to chew food properly by preventing the neighboring tooth from slipping into the vacant area and causing chewing problems,

One major setback of dental bridges is that the crowns gradually change the structure of your teeth, which affects your bite. In addition, the dental bridge procedure may also weaken the abutment teeth necessitating the use of dental implants to replace them.

Pros and cons of dentures

Dentures are a fantastic option to repair whole rows of teeth from an aesthetic standpoint. They are well-fitting and appear to be of one piece, allowing you to restore your self-assurance in your grin.

Moreover, dentures require less effort as you can clean them either in or out of your mouth. When you are not utilizing your dentures, you need to dip them in a glass of water.

It is imperative to note that almost everyone can use dentures. Dentures may be a possibility for you even if your jaw or teeth aren’t in the ideal form. Bridges, on the other hand, necessitate a healthy dental arch.

Although dentures have some amazing advantages, there are still some flaws. First, before your dentist in globe installs dentures, they require multiple procedures to develop the best fit for your teeth.

Dentures wear out over time, and the shape of your mouth changes, so you’ll most likely need to replace them. Fortunately, compared to replacing bridges, it is a relatively simple procedure.

Choosing between dentures and dental bridges is not entirely up to the patient, as your dentist also has to examine your teeth and recommend the best option for your teeth. Copper Vista Dental Care offers you consultation for your dental needs to enable you to maintain a healthy smile.

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