5 Reasons for Choosing Same-day Crown

Oct 01, 2020

The area of your teeth protruding over the jaws is called the crown. The crown is covered by enamel and performs several jobs. The teeth as a whole have more workload than most of the body organs. A bright smile can boost your confidence.

Apart from the regular and well-known task of breaking down food into smaller parts, the teeth help you speak distinctly. Dental gaps and wobble teeth might make words slur in your mouth. A clean and healthy oral cavity adds up to your looks and increases your appearance.

What is Dental Crown?

With age, poor oral habits, or dental trauma, the teeth might lose its natural shine. Dental ailments might also affect the teeth and gum, making your teeth lose their vitality. You might again chirp or crack a tooth due to dental trauma or while chewing some hard food.

Replacing the whole tooth might be painful and time-consuming. Tooth crowns are dental prostheses that can save a broken tooth and restore its natural shape, color, and size simultaneously. The teeth crown can make your weak and chipped teeth strong and improve its looks.

The dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps placed by the dentist over your tooth to restore and maintain its shape, size, color. Once cemented, the crowns cover your tooth and encase the entire visible portion lying above the gum line.

Why are Crowns Needed?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the beautification of your teeth and the oral cavity. A discolored tooth can be cleaned by teeth whitening. But some spots on the teeth cannot be cleaned, and dental crowns can be the only respite.

Once applied, the crowns or dental caps encase the tooth and resembles the actual teeth. A dental crown can also protect week teeth from dental decay and hold together a cracked or chipped tooth.

Often a sizeable dental filing might need support, and tooth crown can serve the purpose. A dental implant can be covered by a crown and can provide support to dental bridges too. Crowns can also substitute for dental filling as the gums and jaws might not be mature to withstand implants in children.

Why are Same-Day crowns Better Than the Traditional Crown?

Copper Vista Dental Care is involved in preparing same-day crown in the same mechanism in which the traditional crowns are made. Instead of using impression molds, an image of the tooth is created using a special camera.

The digital image is used to produce a crown through the CEREC machine. With the incorporation of advanced technology, porcelain crowns can be incorporated in a single visit. There are several reasons to opt for one day crown

#1: Time

Everyone is busy nowadays. Visiting the dentist on more than one occasion for the same reason might not be suitable for you. Instead of seeing the dentist on a couple or more occasions to get the traditional crowns made in the laboratory, you can opt for a same-day crown.

#2: Better Fit

Instead of the traditional crowns that are made by taking an impression of your bite on a mold, the same-day crowns are made y taking a digital image. With CEREC technology, the same day crowns fit better than the traditional ones.

The digital impression is the game-changer here. An intraoral scanner makes it easy to capture the digital impression, and the CEREC machine does the rest. You can try same-day crown at Copper Vista Dental. With years of experience and family-friendly staff, you can expect the best available treatment. We also accept insurance for all leading firms.

#3: Safe and Simple Procedure

The incorporation of advanced technology in same-day crown makes it an easy and comfortable way to get the crown. The dentist also finds it easy to incorporate the better-fit same-day crown.

#4: Avoid Temporary Dental Complication

Traditional crowns take about a week to be incorporated, and you need to wear a temporary crown during this period. Removing the temporary one and getting the permanent crown might invite dental complications or infections, which can be avoided with a same-day crown.

#5: Preserving Your Existing Teeth

Administration of traditional crown involves the dentist scraping off your enamel to fit the crown. You can stop the loss of your teeth by getting a same-day crown, which also fits better.

Are you looking for dental crowns? At Copper Vista Dental Care, we provide an assortment of different crowns. Contact us now for a consultation.

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